Most people do not know how to be a part of history. For the few who receive this award, its true value can only be assessed in the light of Pakistan. More than 150 years ago, in a garden in Badshah, the Iranian poet and revolutionary, Tahiriya, took off her veil, and before the stunned participants could announce a new era for women through the power of this work.

Four years later, at the moment of his execution, he shouted, “As soon as you can kill me of your own free will, you can’t stop women from getting rid of me.”

A century and a half later, and a decade later in a new century, I remember Tahiri and all the men and women who have lit the flame of this cause all year long and passed it on to us. What Breed here today. Another people, another land, another century. In my mind, he is with us and will continue to guide and guide us in the same way that we must move and guide future generations.

In a globally widely circulated statement, “The Promise of World Peace”, the Universal Court of Justice stated that there is a significant link between education and discrimination, stating that.

At most, we realize that if we are to change the cruel, destructive ways in which humans treat each other, we must first change their way of thinking and their importance. Highlighting the high priority of re-educating the souls and minds of humanity, HG Wells said that “human history is becoming a race between education and destruction.”

An important aspect of this education that is necessary if we are to prevent catastrophe and strike a balance in the current state of instability, and which ultimately help in a new definition of humanity, is the process that some people call “feminine.” He has said. Planet

In the past, the world has been ruled by force, and men have dominated women because of their more powerful and aggressive qualities, both body and mind. But the scales have already changed, the power is losing its weight, and the spiritual intuition, the intuition, and the spiritual qualities of love and service, in which the woman is strong, are gaining ground.

Therefore, the new age spreads with relatively few masculine and feminine theories, or more precisely, in an age in which the masculine and feminine elements of civilization would be more appropriately balanced.

Women’s history

To what extent does the current state education system promote healthy sexual behavior? Personally, my own school experience led me to a scene like Andy Hayden, a rugby player who said, “I have no secret the fact that I went to school for lunch. Was “.

Do the contents of our formal education promote healthy attitudes that are free from prejudice or are prejudices maintained in ways that are particularly dangerous because they are so fake, subtle, and deceptive? Our current education system is really a narrow piece of human knowledge.

It leaves out the input of many cultures and, with a few exceptions, half the world’s population as it is largely male history and knowledge. It denies intuition and creates an artificial separation from church and state, science and religion, materialism, and human values.

The role of women in educating children, especially in early childhood, provides a basic basis for the collective education of humanity, as values ​​are passed from one generation to another in early childhood, and, Only through these educated mothers can the benefits of knowledge spread effectively and rapidly throughout society.

Then it becomes clear that the role of the family is an important role in the development of women because here this attitude spreads from the individual to the family and ultimately to the world in the fastest and most effective way.

Women are the most important element of world peace. Indeed. Today’s battlefield is for women to have the honor of getting votes, to be at the forefront of achieving the peace that will save the lives of future sons and grandsons. It has been said in the universal house of justice.

Women’s emancipation, the attainment of full equality between the sexes, is the most important, albeit a very small condition of peace.

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