The pressure at the individual and societal level. Affects our perceptions, influences, and conventions (impressions, feelings, and actions); And leads to many other evils. Deterioration and implementation of international, national, and local education policy.

In the present age, non-collective (sectarian, prejudiced, prejudiced, malicious, exploitative, and exploitative) education (formal, curriculum, curriculum, extracurricular and informal) is great stress that helps even in small activities.

Opposes our bloating and further strengthens stress and negative effects in individual and social life. Let’s take a look. Current perspectives, policy, and education process. As seen around. Although education is defined in different ways. There is a general agreement on the fact that education is primarily a process of flourishing for an individual and a society.

It includes the following three domains:
  • The first domain is known as the affected domain. It was a mental nation. Simply put, how does a potential domain belong to us?

Thus when our mind is full of alertness, attention, enthusiasm, joy, love, anxiety, joy, tolerance, self-confidence, mutual respect, mutual trust, commitment, dedication, love, romance, confidence, positive and triumphant spirit, This is a healthy effect domain.

Besides that; Enthusiasm and concentration are needed. Achieving excellence in the field of thought requires perseverance and endurance. Skilled activities and patience and determination are essential. Positive effect domain for internally satisfactory and socially beneficial (conscientious) actions.

  • The second domain is known as education called the psychomotor domain. It has the ability to define skills and physical and mental abilities, ability, speed, accuracy, beauty, ease of performance, etc. This can encompass the definition and performance of abilities inclusive of surgical operation, gambling a musical instrument, gambling basketball, or doing carpentry!

The purpose of education is not only to provide this curriculum with appropriate curriculum, curriculum development but also to provide adequate practical and demonstration classes.

  • The third domain is known called the cognitive domain. In the scientific domain, in the right perspective, reflection, understanding of correct perception, concept, analysis, and memorization of facts and problems, ability to diagnose, synthesis, communication and decision-making ability, appropriate policies, plans and administration, administration, etc. Skills included.

It is obvious that every one of those domains has 3 components. Perception [feeling], affect [Feelings] and fidelity [response].

Thus the academic domain will include thought perception, explanation, and intellectual expression, the emotional domain will include poems in the emotional realm such as feeling, encouragement, and reaction. And in the psychomotor domain, includes understanding and entering a particular skill, performing it with confidence, and actually demonstrating it.

Let’s see how, despite these goals. How is it perceived as a process of gaining political, economic, scientific, and technological supremacy, and thus it has deteriorated to the present stage? Where all three domains are defective.

In addition to the lack of spiritual and productive domains. In short; Let’s see how this great tension ends.

  • For it; A brief overview of the traditional education system in the country will be useful.
  • The traditional education system in the country in general; I believe that:
  • The career choice was not based on financial gain;
  • The choice of career was not based on explicit interpretations and whispers,
  • Some lucrative careers could not be found. In the preference of others,
  • All careers ensure income and productivity from an early age,
  • All careers ensure that society benefits,
  • All careers protected all social groups,
  • All careers ensure moral education and acceptance of experience and wisdom. Generation after generation

But it is also true that the traditional system is largely deprived of education, the unwarranted availability of education for caste-based jobs, the lack of infrastructure for collective scientific and technological endeavors, and the imposition of drug arbitrariness.

In short, for every ungrateful person (cosmic consciousness) there is an infinite grace of cosmic consciousness to realize this!

This is indeed a great grace because the person who experiences it surpasses the mercenary, commercial, and even professional and charitable planes and shows super transactions in his life!

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