Education, such as democracy, loose markets, freedom of the click, and “well-known human rights” are among the subjects whose extraordinary function is considered self-evident. This is how they excel in performing at the top of the world in terms of industry.

This unreasonable popularity has severely hampered our discussion on many of these important topics. For example, we talk a lot about providing literacy statistics training and providing many graduates, masters, PhDs, and many specialist engineers, medical documents, and many more. In the United States, S is primarily based on the needs of the industrial world.

The main problem of the curriculum or even more basic problem is that it does not attract our attention due to training. They have already provided us with the resources of “developed” countries and our work is best done to study in their footsteps to obtain their development diploma.

They really have. In the “first” world, education has become an extension of the capitalist gadget. This is because our system provides a certified group of workers who will develop their products for consumers. In a better way, the purpose of schooling is to provide economic prosperity to a country.

In the same way, the reason for studying for a personal degree these days is that you have a wonderful home.
This is the real destruction of education. By uploading from the colonial powers that we have today and well-known before education in our societies has generally become a way of raising this person.

Moral education in Urdu has become an integral part of it. The teacher (Instructor) was no longer the most effective lecturer or mere expert but a mentor and moral guide. Our teaching tool became aware of the use of this hadith.
While achieving a halal life and providing economic prosperity to a country are certainly important Islamic goals, linking education to financial goals is highly unfortunate.

It turns to learn centers into mere professional centers in their approach and passion. It discredits education and society through it. To bring home the important but forgotten role of education, we must remember that there is a fundamental difference between humans and animals. Loneliness and physical needs can only bring an ant, bee, or herd of animals together to live in a cohesive animal society.

Man does not work like this. They are not bound by nature to follow only those methods which are necessary for the enthusiastic action of their society. If they want to build a viable, thriving society, they have to make a choice. This choice is to share common goals, beliefs, values ​​, and perspectives on life.

Without a common framework binding its members, a human society cannot survive. It will collapse and be absorbed by using different societies. In addition, society must ensure that the common ground continues for generations.

The education system of society prepares the citizens and leaders who are needed to run this society smoothly now and in the future. The state of his health or illness directly translates into the health or illness of the society that he has to serve.

Wherever we turn in the Muslim world today, we see many internal problems corruption, injustice, oppression, abject poverty. If we think about it, we can see that most of these problems are man-made. Another way is to say that they are largely, directly or indirectly, recognizable to the education system that has created people who persist in their anxieties.

Rulers who sell out to foreign powers and subjugate their own peopleBureaucrats who implement laws primarily based on injustice. Generals who fight against their own people. Merchants who exploit and deceive. Journalists who lie, are sensational, and promote obscenity are all educated people, in many cases “highly” educated people.

The purpose of their education was to prepare them for the roles they are playing in real life. And this is, though, extremely unexpected! Once we realize our mistakes, we can solve our problems. The first goal of our education system is to create competent citizens and leaders for the Islamic society.

It should be the soul of our education, not a formal straw. All plans to improve our education will be completely useless unless they are based on a full understanding of this key fact. Are we finally willing to turn to the treasures of our inner home to do the work of education again?

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