The recent threats to reform public education through the New Child Left Behind Act, the core curriculum mandate, and standardized scrutiny have all taken notice of public education as our policymakers continue to attack education.

What they have done has resulted in an education system that continues to frustrate our youth. What he has done in issuing this mandate from the mainstream Republican stance is to literally thwart the misleading efforts of the people to reform education.

This is nothing extra than a political expansion. What is taking place with some of these mandates is to shed mild on the real fundamental troubles going through education in this country.

If education was run like a business, our public schools today would have much more accountability and structure. But, our most foolish government officials have put tax dollars on toilets like everything else. Meanwhile, our youth today are far worse than the rest of the world in terms of educational standards.

Someone recently said that teachers alone cannot change the situation in our schools. The only way for us to achieve the superiority in educational standards that prevailed in the 1950s and early 1960s is no less than a revolution.

When we take a closer look at America’s landscape today, we realize that America is really broken. On the one hand, we have a few rich people who control all the powerful politicians. Self-serving bureaucrats continue to ignore the obvious pain that the majority of the United States has lost.

Then there is the majority of the population, that crowd is drowning in despair, hoping that one day the situation will improve soon.

Meanwhile, future generations of our youth, Americans, are suffering from the failed educational mandate and initiatives of the political system that, by its very nature, fail to understand that years of interference in education policies have failed. What is really needed? Decades before the late 1960s.

A key component of education reform where all grade level students can succeed is always ignored by our eminent bureaucrats.

When schools today are judged entirely on test scores, the current controversy is that poverty should never be an excuse for poor academic achievement, but policymakers still stand.

And, as long as the pantries are naked if our policymakers don’t care, parents are unemployed or worse than those in prison, and the gap between rich and poor is even more alarming than it has been since 1929.

We now have a whole society of inequality, where the richest people are completely ignored, too blind to see them, and completely oblivious to the harsh reality that millions of children face every day.

In education, especially for young people in primary and secondary age, it is important that physical education is as important as math or science. A good example of this is a private school in the state of New York that requires strict physical activity for the first 3 hours of each day.

By doing this to students, each of them has performed exceptionally well in special curricula such as science and math. The benefits of physical exercise, whether competitive sports or not, clearly show a great improvement in academics.

Physical education Restoring or abolishing the school system not only endangers the health of the youth of our nations but also threatens the future stability and security of our nations. In many cases, these are budget constraints that play an external role in eliminating physical aid.

When we talk about education reform, our young people have a responsibility to inculcate in them morals as well as ideas and principles that were the foundation on which our entire society was founded 200 years ago.

Combined with this integrated lifestyle technology encourages the spirit of art, athletics, and academics for the development and prosperity of a balanced society. That is the reform of education.

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