History is widely regarded as an important part of a proper homeschooling curriculum. In fact, according to the Home Schooling Authority, Jesse Wise and Susan Wise Bauer, “history is a subject because it” represents human achievement in science, literature, art, music, and politics.

“How many of us are still there? One of us can say that we had a passion for learning history as children, that we grew up with a history education from our own youth that really gave us the power to make the world a better place.” And that we are regularly engaged in the past of human civilization as an important part of our lives?

There is no shame in admitting that you find history too bad, that you think it is a waste of time, or that you hated it as a child. The way it was taught, maybe it deserved your contempt! As Kevin Arnold, the young man on the TV show Wonder Airs, you will probably remember history as a mental blower.

I will never forget the episode in which a history teacher, played by Ben Stein, begins a lesson: “One hundred years of war four ” Years as a historian. I laughed and when I saw the incident for the first time I burst into tears. He is fully aware that for many people, the mere thought of attending a history lecture brings their eyes to the back of their head.

Honestly, if you like history (or, like me, you like it), you know you’re just one of the few.
But if everyone in history hates children, how can it be that we all believe we need to educate our children? Is it because we want to suffer like them? Absolutely not. Still, the question remains: “The history of our education?”
In Wise & Bauer’s Train Trend Mind, the question has been acknowledged but not really answered.

History is the study of everything that has happened so far. Unless you intend to live life to the fullest in the present moment, the study of history is essential.” Unfortunately, this answer raises only one question: why shouldn’t a person live completely in the present?

In fact, comparing current American culture to others in history, I can honestly say that with the possible exception of the Dark Ages, there has never been a time in history when the majority of the population has been so absorbed in their personal concerns and unaware of the broad spectrum of achievements. Be Failure is the past of humanity.
The world demands that we keep busy.

Modern life in particular involves the most complex set of challenges people have faced. On a daily basis, we need to adapt to the rapid changes in the professional world. We have to interpret our career as the needs of our family and friends.

We need to take care of our homes, service our cars, and upgrade our computers. We need to stay fit, look at our sugar and caffeine levels, and monitor our cholesterol and trans fats. Life is a subject, not history. How could anyone possibly argue that the past – a world that has been going on for so long – still deserves attention at the expense of the much-needed present?

This question deserves a good answer. Especially if you are devoting a significant portion of your energy as a parent in a home school to making sure your child learns history. Also, you better believe that your child wants to know why history is worth the effort, even if he doesn’t ask out loud.

The first part of the answer is that there is no such thing as the past.

The past is a world long gone. It revolves around the world around us. Really, that’s why there is a world around us. Without the past, the present would not exist! To understand this point, sit down at your home school and select anything from your teaching team and start spreading it. But historically, do it.

My favorite example is the analog clock. It has a clear plastic cover and a plastic cover, but I leave it inscribed with the Arabic numeral dial and the amazing system. I am going to focus on this electric motor thanks to the current provided by a small battery.

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